What We Support

Tuition Assistance

We are committed to providing need-based financial aid to qualified students who could not otherwise attend our school. About 15 percent of the student body currently receives some tuition assistance each year. Building a tuition assistance fund ensures that tuition costs will not be a barrier to a Christian Academy education.

  • Increase amount of assistance provided to each student.
  • Double the number of students receiving tuition assistance.

Program Initiatives

  • Add curriculum such as Hawaiian culture and language, Asian languages, media, theatre/drama and dance classes.
  • Expand our speech/oration program to include a debate component.
  • Replace instruments and improve the music/band program; explore development of a chamber choir and orchestra; and add a ceramics/sculpture component to the art program.

New Science Lab

We want to take STEM learning to the next level. This new building is designed as a collaborative learning space for middle school students exploring Earth Science and Anatomy/Physiology, and high schoolers studying Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, along with associated lab classes.

Immediate Goals:
  • Expand our robotics program.
  • Add coding and engineering classes.
  • Provide AP science classes.


A gift to the endowment fund grows our financial resources over time by permanently restricting funds. The income from these restricted funds will help educate current and future students. The strength of our endowment fund positions Christian Academy to respond to emergent educational needs, attract and retain an exceptional faculty and staff, withstand enrollment fluctuations and ensure that even pandemics cannot interfere with our mission.
“There are many more keiki who could benefit by attending Christian Academy, but for whom the barrier is tuition. By providing more scholarships, we can increase the number of children who ‘will have a mind for truth and a heart for God.’”
:: Pastor Klayton Ko
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